State of North Carolina No 1919

North Carolina State Archives

Assignee: David Shelby

Warrant: Jehu Stokely

County: Sumner

Warrant Number: 276

Grant Number: 1268

Entry Number: 1919

Date Entered: Sept 6, 1785

Book Number: 74

Page Number: 355


State of North Carolina
No 1919


The Honorable James Glasgow Esquire Sectary of the State.  
To Col. Martin Armstrong Greeting  
You are hereby required to lay off and survey for Jehu Stokely a private in the line of this state: Two Hundred  
and twenty eight acres of land within the limits of the land reserved by law for the officers and solders of the continental line of this state.  
Observing the directions of the act of assembly in such case made and provided for running out lands.  
Two just and fair plans thereof with a certificate to each annexed, you are to transmit to my office within the time limited by law.  
Given under my hand at Fairfield the 23rd day of July 1785  




1st transfer


I hereby transfer the written warrant with all my rights and title claim & to the same to Martin Armstrong & Anthony Crutcher for a valuable
consideration in land paid in by them. As witness my hand the 29th day of July 1785.
Illegible signature 
 John Stokely



2nd transfer


I hereby transfer & make over unto David Shelby his heirs. And all my legal title claim declared in the written warrant for labor rec. Witness my  
hand the 27th day of July 1789.  
Illegible signature
A Crutcher







State of North Carolina
Sumner County laid down
By A scale of 100 polls to a inch
John H Carr S.C.B.


By virtue of A military warrant from the sectary of state of no. 1919 and entered in September sixth one thousand seven hundred and eighty five. I
have surveyed for David Shelby as tenant in common assignee of Martin Armstrong and Anthony Crutcher two hundred and twenty eight acres of
land lying on a branch that runs into Drakes creek on the left side including a large rock spring. Beginning on an Ash and Sugartree then north one
hundred and thirty five polls to a Sugartree and Mulberry. Then east two hundred and seventy polls to a Sugertree and Beach. Then south to a stake
one hundred and thirty polls then to the beginning.
Surveyed August the seventh one thousand seven hundred eighty nine.


Martin Armstrong S.C.L.
Wm Black D.S.




This warrant does not tell us the unit Jehu was in or the job he had in the Continental Line only that he was a private and that he received 228 acres
for his service. From the amount of land he received, it can be deduced that he was in for 2 ½ years or 30 months.
Amounts of land ranged from 228 acres (for privates who served 2 ½ years) to 12,000 acres (for men who had served 7 years and
attained the rank of brigadier general).
This warrant was assigned (traded or sold) over to the 'Continental Line and District Surveyors'; Martin Armstrong and Anthony Crutcher for land.
The Surveyors' then reassigned it once more among themselves (to David Shelby). The warrant finely resulted in a survey of land in the military
district of North Carolina (soon to become Sumner county Tennessee).
When Jehu signed the transfer he used the name of John Stokely not Jehu although the warrant was in made out to Jehu.
It is assumed that this land was used to aquire the land in the Big Creek area. Due to poor record keeping and/or land fraud the records cannot be


Excerpt from

"Roster of the North Carolina Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War"