Jehu's death date & their farm and burial location in Del Rio Tennessee


In the book "Over The Misty Blue Hills" on page 142 it states that Jehu died in 1816.


On July 20th 2005, I called the Stokely Memorial Library in Newport Tennessee with a few questions about the location of the OLD Stokely cemetery in Del Rio (the one where Royal Stokely is buried). I was told about three different cemeterys that the Stokely's where buried in;

1. The Union cemetery in Newport

2. The Stokely cemetery on Stokely Cemetery road in Del Rio

3. A old Un-named cemetery off of 15th road in Del-Rio (The old Stokely cemetery where Royal Stokely is buried)

4. Jehu and Nancy's grave site in Del Rio

I was also given the name and number of Mr. Duay O’Neil, a local historian, who has written several articles for the Newport city paper, “The Plain Talk”. After contacting him, he gave me the information I was after as well as the name of Rev. Jimmy Morrow, a gentleman who knows the Del Rio/Nough area very well, and had recently discovered the location of Jehu Stokely’s grave (at a fourth site). I promptly contacted him and made plans to go to Del Rio and have him take me to his grave site.

Later that year on September 24th with a digital camera and GPS, Jimmy and I took a hike through the mountains to go and take some pictures. After several minutes we arrived.

The grave is on the old Burnett property, now owned by someone from Alabama. I found some fieldstones covered with moss (no inscriptions could be determined) as well as the remnants of a well. It is just down the mountain from an old logging road/trail (about 100 yards) and up the mountain from one of the branches to Rock Creek (about 200 feet). If you go, wear boots that you can afford to get wet. On part of the hike, it is easier to walk in the creek than to stay out and try to keep dry. Thanks to some of the topographic maps of the area on the Internet and a GPS, I was able to record the location: the UMT coordinates are: UMT 17 323476E 3975480N

Jimmy and Duay are confident, however, that this is the Jehu Stokely grave...The late Chattie (Stokely) Rainwater (born ca. 1900) reported as a child; she and her father traveled through this area (at the time, there was a road through there that can still be identified ), he would always point to the location and say, "That's where Old Jehu is buried."

It takes about a 1/2 hour to get to the grave site by foot. It is very mountainous and rattlesnakes have been seen there.

Gordon E. Stokely Jr.

(located about ½ a mile south of the 1st hwy 25/70 bridge inside the state line.)

UMT 17 323476 E - 3975480 N
DMS Latitude 35° 54’ 28” N - Longitude 82° 57’ 23” W